Our Team

"Key team members" sounds like a funny term, as everybody is a key member at Calvary Chapel Perth, we just have different roles. God has raised up these members for this time as leaders in the Church to bring forth His vision and guidance. The team are very close and have known each other for either their whole lives or for over 10 years. They all share the one vision of listening for God’s voice and direction for the Church.


The three men you see below make up the Church council and meet regularly to discuss decisions and pray for the Church. They are also there as accountability for one another in their various callings.


The team, even though from different backgrounds and generations, work well together and have been privileged to get closer to each other and grow together in the Lord. The team will increase as the church grows, and God directs us at Calvary Chapel Perth, as our Pastor is very open to Gods voice in releasing ministry to those who are called.


Our team is excited about the future and what God has in store for Calvary Chapel Perth. They hope to meet you one day and you are welcome to make contact with them either in person or by email. Why not get to know them better by clicking on their photograph!





Darryl Henchie. Senior Pastor

Ps Darryl has been in the ministry for nearly 30 years and is a gifted teacher of scripture but hey don’t take our word for it come down listen for yourself. He is also very approachable and has a great vision for the church.


One thing he is very passionate about is teaching truth from the bible without compromise.


Pastor Darryl worked as Youth Co-ordinator for over 12 years, which catered for homeless  and troubled youth. He has retired from that position now and focuses his time in full to the ministry at Calvary Chapel Perth and the Missions it conducts.


He has been married to his beautiful bride Lorelle for 44 years. He holds family in high regard. He also is very active in Pastoral Care. Pastor Darryl completed his biblical studies over 4 years with Mens’ Leadership Training, an extension of L.I.F.E. Bible College.

You can contact Pastor Darry at darryl@calvarychapelperth.com




Lorelle Henchie. Womens Ministry

Lorelle has also been in the ministry for nearly 30 years, Lorelle is very gifted in children’s and Women’s ministry and is a blessing to the church family. She has a heart and passion for the Lord and His people.


Lorelle also helps organize the women’s annual retreat and conducts the Ladies Meetings on a Wednesday morning. She has worked in daycare, family daycare, and Teachers assistant positions. Lorelle is also very involved in co-ordinating Sunday School and its curriculum.


You can contact Lorelle at lorelle@calvarychapelperth.com









Bruce Barnard. Deacon

Bruce is our Deacon and fits the biblical model in full. We are blessed to have him, he is very generous and ministers to our body and the community wherever God opens the door. He is also on our church council and helps with church direction and decisions. He has recently joined the leadership team in Veracity and loves sharing his wealth of biblical and life wisdom.


He is also very active in Men’s ministries and communion. Bruce also organises our agape dinners. Also Bruce helps with Pastoral Care.


Bruce is retired and fully focuses on living an obedient lifestyle to Christ. He is actively engaged in serving his local community for either friend or stranger. He sees a need and will actively pursue a means to solve it. There is only one Bruce Barnard and we are happy he is ours.