Our church family...


Is a blend of families just like yours, large families, small families, families from different backgrounds, families with special needs and families from different nationalities.


So you will find your family will fit in just nicely here at Calvary Chapel Perth. Families are very important to society and most definitely to church, as they add stability, tolerance, support and above all love.


It is for this reason that Calvary is like one big family and you will notice that we all function in the same way that a family does. We share life with each other, we support each other, we correct each other in love and above all we love our Father who created us in His image.


We often arrange after church lunches to give everybody the opportunity to build on the friendships. It is these times where great bonds are formed and often lead to fellowship during the week as well as other family activities. We boast a strong support network within our church family.